Welcome to FawadKhanPhotography.com! The website for my photographic services & fine art! Photography has really been a catalyst for amazing things in my life. Inspiration can come in many forms, and for me it most often came in the form of a photo that sparked my imagination. Years ago, a single photo on a friend's refrigerator prompted me to pack a backpack and spend a month looking for adventure in South America. It changed my perspective on life, and I picked up photography to try and capture the essence of that experience. As you browse the photos on this website you'll find that my style is photo journalistic, and that I really enjoy capturing quality moments exchanged by people in everything from casual day-to-day settings, to very formal events. I focus primarily on weddings, events (corporate, or private), and portraiture. Every event is different and I always look forward to the challenge of making a new customer happy with a unique package customized to their specific needs. Please feel free to contact me at 312-Two Eight Five-Zero Two Five Five or via FawadKhanPhotography AT Gmail dot Com (phone/email shown this way to avoid spam) to discuss your needs and I'd be happy to work with you. You can also follow my work via Facebook & Flickr using the links below. Thanks again for stopping by,  
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